Round 1 – Multimedia

This year, I started to learn more about this serviceable program called Adobe, which is full of software for editing pictures, creating graphic design, making books layout, etc. But before getting into all of these kinds of stuff, Cinda (our facilitator) taught us about researching skills and the two types of sources such as Primary source and Secondary source.

Primary sources are sources that were recorded that the time when certain things happened. Some examples for it would be Diaries, Newspapers, Interviews, Letters, and Photos.

Diversely, Secondary sources are sources that were recorded sometimes after the events happened. For example: Biography, Book reviews, Articles about some histories and Reports.

Each of the students was required to pick any topic of their interest to do some research on. At that instant, my topic was about Public speaking, so I have to find a picture from back in the Roman period when Cicero (Roman orator) publicly denounced Catiline (Roman senator) as guilty. This picture was painted at the time when this peculiar event took place, which makes it a primary source.

Consequently, I began to do more research based on the Secondary sources available on the internet to find the credible ones. After finishing all the work, then I had to insert all the information in a software called Adobe InDesign in order to create a poster which was our homework for the week. We need to apply all the knowledge we learned about Adobe program into this project. By doing so, it required to have at least two pictures. The first picture would be the one that was edited with five changes in Adobe Lightroom and another one would be the finished product after applying five functions I’ve learned about Adobe Photoshop. Each change gives us one point. The more points we get, the better our learning get.

This learning experience was very tremendous. It helped me learn by doing it and not writing it down because sometimes, taking notes doesn’t help me much, but practicing it physically and visually helps a lot. This is just the beginning, yet I get me interested in this field already, so I’m hoping for new and exciting lessons in the next round.

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