Multimedia R5: Adobe Premiere/ Classic Lightroom/ Photoshop


And this is manifestly the final portfolio about Multimedia for this year. Out of all essentials, this class is personally important to me because It’s all about designing, drawing, editing and producing projects digitally and it is what I’m really passionate about. Just by including this subject in our learning curriculum, it distinguishes us from almost every government school in Cambodia because usually, the skills in Multimedia aren’t really required in their curriculum unless they are in universities when they choose specific fields that involved with Editing software.

Since this is our last round, we wrapped up what we’ve learned so far in this particular year about Adobe Softwares and Programming and read a post about it. What it’s required to be part of the post is a final project that each individual have created which needs to include the skills they’ve acquired the knowledge of this class.

My #1 project: Khmer MUN highlight video

On May 11th and 12th, A group of Cohort 1 hosted an Event called Khmer Model United Nations. This event needs different crews to handle different tasks and I got to be a Press. My job as a Press is to document this 2-day conference and create a video as a reference for this meeting. I included this as one of my final projects because I edited this in Adobe Premiere Pro, which wasn’t a software that I was familiar with, but I wanted to get more understandings of it and wanted to challenge myself. After 1 week, below is the link to my product:

My #2 project: Brandon Woelfel editing concept

Photography is my therapy, hobby and love affair with life. It is what I do when I’m alone, bored or even stressed. I’m not saying I’m really proficient at it because I’m really not, but the more I take pictures, the more ideas come into my mind. It’s another form of creativity. However, when it comes to editing. I found it a little difficult because I didn’t know various of editing looks, so I kept on making the photos look and feel similar, which didn’t tell many stories. Then I came across one of the most amazing Photographers, Brandon Woelfel. He’s talented, creative and based in New York City. Brandon is the father of dreamlike, sprightly portraits with fairy lights, neon colors and lots of bokeh effects. His style makes me want to explore how he gets these looks.

My result: